1. The name of the society will be the pong lake biodiversity conservation society (pongBIODCS) which hereafter shall be referred as” The society”
  2. The registered office of the society shall be as per the following address: divisional forest Officer. Wildlife division. Hamirpur      Himachal Pradesh.
  3. The area of operation of the society shall be pong Dam lake wildlife sanctuary with specified interest in kanga District.
  4. The objectives of the society:
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    1. The society shall be an autonomous and independent body with the primary aim of biodiversity conservation through community participation. Promote and manage economic returns to the local people in an environmentally and culturally sustainable way.
    2. The society shall. For this purpose retain the revenue receipts generated out of those government assets in area of operation, the use of which has been allowed to the society and utilize the same to fulfill the objectives of the society.

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  1. To safeguard the natural environment and conserve the bio-diversity of pong lake wildlife Sanctuary.
  2. To create awareness amongst the local people about the potential of eco-tourism in the area and its intimate linkages with conservation of natural resources.
  3. To build capacity of the local people and concerned government officials in managing eco-tourism in their area.
  4. To identify eco-trails and eco-parks in the area of operation and develop infrastructural facilities along there trails for such tourism.
  5. To manage the infrastructure developed by the society and/ or taken over by the society from other organizations under MoU. If any.
  6. To develop and enforce protocols, to minimize the negative impacts of traditional tourism on ecology and social fabric of the area.
  7. To set up nature interpretation centers and to develop educational materials of displays for benefit of tourists.
  8. to develop ways and means attract responsible nature and adventure tourists to the identified and developed eco-trails and eco-parks.
  9. to promote cooperatives amongst local artisans for production and sale of handicrafts/ cottage level produce to get better returns to their.
  10. To set up branches of the society for the said purposes at such places as may be decided by the governing body of the society form time to time.
  11. to assist or take assistance from and collaborate with other institutions with similar activities in in India or elsewhere.
  12. to keep close liaison with store level Eco-tourism Advisory committee set up in the state forest Department and work under its broad policy guidelines on the subject.
  13. To engage persons for the purpose of the society.
  14. To carry out all activities keeping in view various previsions of related Acts. Rules.Regulations and guidelines issued by the Government from time to time.
  15. To do all other lawful things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.