1. Title:

These rules and Regulations shall be called the Rules and Regulation of the Pong lake Bio-Diversity Conservation Society

2. Definitions:

I. The ‘society’ means “pong lake Bio-diversity Conservation Society”.
In writing means including printing, lithography and typewriting
II. “Act” shall mean the societies Registration Act, 1860
III. The “society” shall mean the Pradesh Biodiversity Conservation society. Shamshi.
IV. “Governing body” shall mean the body as constituted under these rules by the Government rules of Himachal Pradesh
V. “The chairman” shall mean the chairmen of the Executive committee of the society.
VI. “state government” shall mean Government rules of Himachal Pradesh (Department of forests).
VII. The “Executive committee” shall mean the body as constituted as such under rule 16 as the Executive committee of the society.
VIII. Officers and staff shall mean every full time employee of the society appointed by the Executive committee or any authority or officer delegated with the powers to do so and would include consultants. Fellow. Eco-volunteers. Community organizers and research staff


3. For the purpose of registration of society. The number of the members is declared to be Seven. But the society may at any time increase the number

4. There shall be following classes of members of the society.

Official Members They shall include Officers of the wild Life wing of State Forest Department and other related Government Department/Corporation.

Non-official Members: They shall be from amongst the renowned persons as individuals or from any non Government Institutions/Organizations who have interest in promoting wildlife conservation in the area.

5. Subject to the provision of the Rule 7. Non official members shall be eligible for admission to the society. If he/she is :
I. Over 18 years of age and of sound mind:
II. Ordinary resident in the area of operation of the society:
III. Of good character:
IV. Persons of any non-Government institute/organization interested in furthering the cause of the society.

New Governing Board Members

Chairman                             Chief Conservator of forests Wildlife (North) Dharamshala

Member                              Chairman, representative, BBMB

Member                              Director/Reprehensive tourism officer HP

Member                              director/Representative, Fisheries Department

Member                              Director/Representive, Water sports Center, Pong Dam

Member                              Director / Representative,,  Animal husbandry

Member                              ECO, ECO tourism society

Member                              Executive Engineer, BBMB Talwara

Member                              DFO Wildlife Hamirpur

New Executive Committee:

1.    Chairman  DFO Wildlife Hamirpur
2.    Member      SDM jawall
3.    Member      SDM Dehra
4.    Member     DSP Dehra Distt Kangra HP
5.    Member      Director Tourism officer District Kangra HP
6.    Member    Assistant Director, pong Dam Fisheries Department
7.    Member    Representative/ Director, Water Sports Center, Pong Lank
8.    Member    Divisional Forest Officer (T) Nurpur
9.    Member    Divisional Forest Officer (T) Nurpur
10.    Member    Executive Engineer, BBMB Talwara
11.    Member Secretary    ACF Pong Lake